The Next Generation's Solution to Financial Aid

We aim to provide you with a service that takes you one step closer to financial freedom.

The Benefits of MTT Loan

- No Credit Checks

Everyone who has MTT coins is creditworthy in our eyes. This means that we neither need to carry out credit checks nor require your banking information.


- Retain Your MTT Coins

Whoever said that you had to choose between liquidating your crypto assets or funding for essential expenses? MTT Loan makes it possible for you to both keep your MTT coins and acquire a loan.


- Securely Stored Collateral

You can view the MTT coins that we take as collateral, through your wallet and through the MTT explorer.


- Simplified Payment Method

Our method of payment is fairly simple as we give out loans and accept collaterals only in the form of MTT coins.


How to Acquire a Loan

- Create an Account

To create an account all that we require from you is your email address. After you have provided us with one, a verification link will be sent to the given address.

- Deposit the Collateral

Deposit an optional amount of MTT coins as a form of collateral to your account.

- Determine the Loan Amount

Select a loan package and loan amount that is most suitable for your personal needs.

- Get Funded

The MTT coins will instantly be deposited into your wallet.

Our decentralized system makes it possible for you to sign up without stating your name. All that we require is your email address.
Full transparency
All your transactions are viewable by anyone due to the fact that we use blockchain technology.
Entirely automatic
Our system is machine-driven and as a result is both efficient and free of human errors.
Affiliate program
Create a new source of income and earn MTT coins by referring your friends to our platform.
High interest rates
Keep the added value to your collateral and in addition earn the high levels of monthly interests that your collateral generates.
High security
Our platform is highly secure as its equipped with Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection to defend itself against hacking attempts, bots, and DDoS attacks.

Earn on Affiliate Marketing

Our affiliate program is an excellent way to earn additional income.
If you are an energetic and sociable person that enjoys interacting with people and making new friends, our affiliate program is an ideal offer for you.
Referral commission: 5%